Month: October 2013

During college i did a lot of character creation and digital drawing, it became my favourite part of the course. The wacom drawing tablets became something i’d use almost everyday. This was the first time i had ever attempted to draw a pixelated/8-bit character and i think for a first attempt it worked quite well. This character was supposed to be similar to the graphic style of ‘Wreck it Ralph’ and thats why he is in a 8-bit form. I think that he worked well as the fire safety game mascot as he is innocent looking and with more work put into him with a longer time frame he’d probably improve greatly. Within our presentation we discovered that as he is our mascot he could be used to teach kids about other safeties and it could become almost like a series of games.

“How we are seen determines in part how we are treated; how we treat others is based on how we see them; such seeing comes from representation.”

While writing my essay on anonymity within social media i found this quote very interesting, i think i find this quote so interesting because i agree with it so much. While writing my essay i have found through my research a lot which has opened my eyes to different ways people use social media and how they perceive it.