Phoneblok is a fully customisable phone made up of detachable blocks which you fit together like lego. The phone is a concept idea at the moment, but the prototype is in progress to be developed. The idea of the phone is great, its supposed to be better for the environment than the phones today and upgradable to whatever you want out of your phone. So if you like music, you would be able to get rid of things that you wouldn’t want to use as much, such as a camera or wifi, to make space for larger speakers to be added, due to multiple companies making components to add to the phone.  Everything is plugged into the ‘base’ using small pins to connect the components.

Advantages to this phone would be that it would be a green phone, instead of throwing the whole phone away, you would just change the block you dont want anymore and recycle it. Since you change the blocks to what you want, the customisable aspect of the phone is endless, it makes the phone very personal to the owner.

Disadvantages to this phone would be that companies such as apple or samsung are already making a lot of money already from their own phones so may not see the need to create components for this new phone. The price is also a disadvantage as the single parts of a phone are expensive, such as the camera, speakers or processor. Another, is that the phone is very bulky, just by looking at the concept, it may be developed into a slim design when it is created, but this may make it less popular due to the slim designs of the already existing smart phones.

This a video of the idea for the phone and the campaign:


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