The Orb

What it does

Health and Fitness

Orb constantly monitors your anthropometric data to track changes in height, weight and food intake. If you want to loose weight Orb will calculate your ideal calorie intake and suggest meals based on what you would normally buy in your weekly shop or suggest alternatives.

Orb will be your motivation to exercise, telling you when you have been sitting down too long or being your fitness buddy encouraging you to work harder or change machines, what weights to use ext.

Orb can detect illness, broken bones, torn ligaments even a cold. On a basic analysis Orb will then recommend further action wether it be rest, painkillers or seeing a doctor.

Calls and Texts

Orb is voice activated, and responds only to the voice of the owner. Dictated text messages and select the recipient by speaking to the device. Similarly make a call with a simple voice command “Call Tom” for example. This allows for hands free communication avoiding distractions whilst driving or operating machinery.


Built into the Orb is an advanced GPS. Just tell the Orb where you want to go and it will give voice commands directing you to the desired location. This system can also be used on walks or to assist with using public transport and the device connects to the internet so has access to public transport timetables.


Store your whole library of music on the device to be played back whenever you require with no need for wires. The Orb positions itself in such a way that the sound from the device only enters your ears, there is also the option to play music out loud for party situations.


Orb is constantly connected to the internet so you are able to keep up to date with the news and social networking on the go. The projecting software inside the device can project the information onto any surface or if none are available into a space in front of you. You are then able to brows pages with a series of simple intuitive hand gestures.


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