Flash Animations

A Flash animation is a moving picture/drawing made using Adobe Flash or similar animation software and often published in the .swf file format. Flash animations are not just a file format but are considered a type of visual style as they are mostly hand drawn vector type pictures. The animations are usually used for use on the internet so are usually referred to as Internet cartoons, online cartoons, or web toons. Animations on the internet may be interactive or made into an animated series on youtube or similar .

I am going to create a short flash animation similar to Len Lye. Len Lye created his animations by painting/drawing or scratching onto film strips. I will be using a canvas size of 22mm X 16mm, to try to create my animation on the size canvas he would have used. I am going to be putting music to my animation by using Garage Band. This will be my first time using both of these pieces of software.


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