Poster Project, Dorset for Dorset.

For this project we were given the task to create an ‘independent dorset’ poster to display in the foyer in Weymouth house. On Thursday we are displaying our posters and asking people that walk past questions about the poster and if they noticed it.

At the start of this project we researched some information about Dorset. We also looked at some of the independent Scotland posters for inspiration. We looked at images for Dorset and found out that it has it’s own flag. From this we took inspiration to use the shape of Dorset and cover it with the flag. We also found out that Dorset is very touristy and agricultural. We also mentioned that there are a lot of homeless people around Bournemouth So we came up with the slogan “homes for the homeless, not for the tourists”.


Once we did our research we used A3 paper and marker pens to sketch out rough ideas as a group. At first we were struggling with images to use but decided on an image of Dorset cut out of England. Now that our idea was chosen we went away and photoshopped it.

Another idea was to create posters similar to the keep calm and carry on posters that were made for the British public in preparation for the 2nd world war. We had slogans like ‘keep calm and eat an ice cream’, ‘keep calm and visit the beach’, keep calm and walk the countryside’.


When we presented our poster idea to our seminar group we faced a few criticisms. We were first told that people may not know that the cut out piece of England would be Dorset. We were then told that our slogan could be seen as offensive. From this feedback we changed our slogan to ‘Dorset for Dorset, not for the tourists.” Which I think sounds better.


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