Design Fictions and Other Worlds Essay Idea

For the first essay, I have been set two types of essays. One is to write about a futuristic device within a film or tv show. The other is to design our own communication device and write about it. I am focusing on doing the second option. I have 4 ideas so far;
1) Create an alien world called Tellus, which is an alternate word for earth. Tellus would have it’s own language so they would be unable to communicate with neighbouring planets, so this device would enable that.
2) Baby communication device. The device would be in the form of a dummy so that it seems normal(nothing new to learn). The baby can then communicate with others around it without needing to cry. Problems with this device would be that if a baby used this device it would never need to learn to talk.
3) touchable hologram.
4) A device for two way prayers. The device will enable God and the person praying to communicate. The device would be worn around the wrist.


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