Poster feedback

Before we displayed our group poster in weymouth house, we carried out an observation of the ground floor where the posters would be displayed. As a group we sat at a table and observed the movements of the people in the space and made a tally chart and notes to record our findings. These are our findings between 12:50 and 1:00:

  • 77 people walked through the space
  • 12 people bought coffee
  • 7 people were working
  • 21 people where relaxing and socialising
  • 2 people looked at the displays

This shows that during peak times, such as lunch times or before lectures, people are too busy rushing to get to where they want to be/getting lunch so they don’t look at displays/posters. At a quieter time of day, I went back to the same place to compare. I found that as people were not rushing around, they were sitting down amongst friends. These people had more time to view the displays and screens.

The space used is in the middle of the stairs to the door, it is the most common route to take to get to lectures or to exit the building. It has a small costa coffee shop with seating either side of it. I found that the sofas were more popular than the tables and chairs. The sofas usually have groups sitting there rather than individuals. There are also more sofas hidden behind a pillar.

Our finished posters:

IMG_6351 IMG_6352

We put our posters up on the moving doors at the entrance of weymouth house. We thought that as the doors move this may catch peoples attention because our posters would be moving. As well as this, we put them at eye level so that people walking towards the closed door wouldn’t really miss the poster as it’s right in front of their face. In 15 minutes we noticed that only 17 people looked at our poster. From these 17 people we were given this feedback:

  • “What does it mean?”
  • “Glanced at passing, didn’t mean much to me as I was in a rush”
  • “Wow look at all of these”
  • “Quite white”
  • “Strong message”

I can now use this feedback for my main project. I now know that I need to make my idea clear to the people viewing it, it needs to be eye catching to distract people in a rush and it should use more colours than white.


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