Requirements Gathering

Now that the independent dorset poster project is complete, I have a number of findings about the environment that will be used to display my interactive piece. There are two monitors which are available to be used; a long narrow screen and a standard rectangular screen. I think my idea will be best displayed on the rectangular screen because the screen is lower than the long screen, so this will make people seem to have eye contact with the person in my video, the length of the long narrow screen will also be wasted space as there is only one place of focus, which is the persons face in the video. Both screens are situated close to costa coffee, because the screens are facing costa coffees general area, the screens will only be seen/interacted with when people are walking in the direction of the exit. This is not a bad thing as this will provide a good full frontal view for the camera to notice. As the screens are near costa, this could mean that people will be more likely to view the screens as they wait for their coffee/food, or are queueing. From observations I have gathered that:

  • The area is busy at lunch time and ten minutes after and before lecturers.
  • The colours of the walls are bright and this can be distracting.
  • There are lots of screens.
  • The screens mostly display the news, without sound.
  • Lots of seating.
  • People spend more time rushing to where they need to be during peak times than standing around viewing the space.
  • Sofas are used by groups more than individuals.
  • There is a certain audience:
  1. Students, aged 18-30, male and female, studying a media related degree.
  2. Staff, lecturers, tutors.

20141212-112533.jpg 20141212-112503.jpg 20141212-112517.jpg With these observations I can conclude that my public display will be mainly just seen and maybe not understood during the peak time when people are rushing to and from lectures, but will probably be seen and interacted with during more idle times such as lunch times and quieter times when either friends are just hanging around or groups are meeting up or people are waiting in the queue for costa. The colours of the walls may be a problem when displaying my work as it may not be eye catching enough to pull peoples attention away from the bright colours in the room. The other screens may cause a problem in the room, especially if something is moving a lot on the other screens or if something major happens on the news. Lots of seating will hopefully mean that people sitting down in certain areas will have a good view of what my interactive piece does and may entice them over to interact with it.


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