First Ideas

1) After looking at users and gratifications media theory, i liked the sound of the diversion theory. I wanted to create something that a user could interact with that would help them ‘escape’ from reality. My idea was to use face tracking, once a face was seen it would signal a video of a kind of escape, such as an empty beach, to play, until they looked away. I liked the idea, but didn’t think it would work properly in the environment chosen.

2) I’ve taken an interest in identity and performance, I have the idea to create a social experiment to view how people preform once they become public or ‘watched’. The idea is to create a false sense of being watched and being interacted with, from the other side of the screen. I am hoping that this would change people behaviours within the environment, once they’ve been seen and cause them to act differently to how they would if they were not watched (put on a performance).


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