After London I have been researching videos which are similar to the advert that I interacted with. I have found two videos which are relevant to my chosen theory by Ervin Goffman. Both of these videos give the impression to the audience of being watched.

I like that this project seems to make people interacting with it more social. I think something like this could work well and be effective in the space for my project. This video makes the person viewing it feel watched by everyone interacting with it as well as seeing themselves. As this installation shows the audience it can make people want to act in a certain way because others can see them doing things as well as themselves seeing how they are acting.

The use of animation in the video makes it feel more fun to interact with, I think that because its an animated person rather than a real person, it is less intimidating to interact with. This video can make a person feel watched by the character, as it’s an animation it can cause a person to maybe act silly and jokey as they will not be judged by a cartoon.

From the two different types of videos you can see how people will act differently depending on who they are being watched by. I can take this into consideration when creating my project.


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