London Trip (research)

When I was walking around London I noticed an advertisement that had a man on it, the movements he was making caught my eye. He pointed in different directions, making hand gestures and seemed to make eye contact with you. This was enticing. Below you can see how the advertisement and I interacted.


20141212-112607.jpg 20141212-112617.jpg

At first, the advertisement asks you if you can out stare it, and you touch the screen to start.


When you press the screen, It counts down to 0, and then you must keep looking at the advertisement or you lose. When you lose, you get a print out for a free trial for contact lenses. 20141212-112648.jpg


During the ‘staring contest’ the man made silly faces and tried to make you lose. 20141212-112725.jpg

When you win, you get congratulated and then you get given the option to print out a free trial for contact lenses. This experience has inspired me to use a video of someone to be interacted with in my processing piece. 20141212-112735.jpg

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