Iteration 1

Now that I have my chosen idea I have been able to begin learning and making my processing piece. First of all I have had to find out how I can use face tracking in my project. I researched ‘processing face tracking’ and found an open cv library which has a face tracking sketch. The face tracking in open cv uses haar cascades which is explained here. After I had a play around with the face detection I found the reference library for the video tags so i could add in video tags to the face tracking and see what would happen.1

The above code is my first attempt at creating my processing piece. For my first few attempts I am using a place filler video of myself spinning on a chair. I have implemented the face tracking from the open cv library. Using this I have added my own code to control video play back when a face is seen. This code allows a video to play when a face is seen, when a face is not seen, the video is not displayed and the screen shows what the camera sees.(as seen in video below) I am leaving the green rectangle to display around the faces for my first few attempts so I know that its tracking faces. I have also made the video slightly see through so i can show the video and what the camera sees to show how it works.  I have commented on the code so that I can return to the code and remember what it all means to hopefully speed up the process. For my next attempt I am going to try to pause the video when a face is not seen.

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