Identity and Performance

The presentation of self in everyday life by Erving Goffman considers the different situations that people can present themselves in. Goffman thinks that when a communication happens, an individual is presented and absorbed. Everyone js trying to be someone and persuade people that they are that person. There are two impressions given when interacting, someone will give and the other will give off. to give is to communicate the information they intend to give. Giving off is when someone accepts a projected identity.

An individual gives off a front to their audience. There are two different types of acts someone will do; private and public. When someone is in the public it is thought that they ‘perform’ a different self. Whereas when someone is in private they are thought to be themselves.

Using this theory I am going to conduct my own social experiment to see if people in Weymouth house foyer ‘perform’ once they feel they are put into the public eye.


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