Iteration 6

From my previous post I wanted to experiment with trying to add more videos to play one after the other. First I loaded in the new videos along with the first one using the code:

react = new Movie(this, “beth”);
react = new Movie(this, “beth”);
react = new Movie(this, “beth”);

Once I loaded the videos I created an if statement. The if statement i used was to check if there was a face, I made a nested if statement which checked the duration of the first video playing. If it had reached the end of the video it would load and play the next video on top. I had a problem with this. Getting the video to pause and start again when a face wasn’t seen by the camera was too difficult for me to work out.

If I were to carry on with this I would also need to work out a way to get the videos to loop around back to the beginning once they had all been played, but this is too advanced for my current level of processing knowledge. So I may return to this before the deadline.


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