Testing Expectations

Tomorrow I will be testing my project in the foyer of Weymouth house. I will be using one of the screens and a webcam to do this as well as plugging my laptop into the screen. I am hoping to go during the peak time so that I can spend roughly an hour there, so I will spend half an hour during peak time and half an hour during a quieter period when the majority are in lectures. I feel that doing this will allow me to see how it works when lots of faces are seen compared to when there are not many being seen. I expect that when lots of faces are seen, my piece may not work as well as the video will constantly be playing because of all the faces. As well as this, when there are lots of people around I don’t think people will feel comfortable walking slowly past a screen and interacting with it. During the quieter time I am hoping that people may be more curious to investigate.


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