Testing Evaluation

Today I went to the weymouth house foyer to do some testing, It was during a busy time of the day(12:45) which mean’t that there were lots of people around to use to test. From testing I have noticed that I need to speed the video up, as I had previously slowed it down as I thought it would work better. After testing I had comments as well as my own judgements to slow the video down and also have the video play continuously and then stop and start again when a face is seen. From this I am going to use the original video in my next testing session tomorrow. I also noticed that when someone walked past they had to be quite close to the camera for it to recognise their face which made it difficult to get people interested in my piece. One way I could have over come this is to move the camera to a different location, further away from the screen but close enough so that people will notice that they are triggering the video.


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