Month: February 2015

Designing the poll app

magnacartaappThis is the results page of the poll app that I designed. When designing this app I took into consideration the lectern and intro panels for the exhibition, and using the similar colour schemes. I thought this would work well as it would link the app and the exhibition together through design. The results page would display your results and the rest of the worlds results so you can compare. I used circular result displays as I thought this would look more appealing than just a bar.

Group presentation/pitch

Today was the pitch to Liam, the presentation can be found here. We gathered a lot of feedback from our ideas. The first idea was preferred as it was more interesting than a poll. However we were asked a lot of questions about it as people were confused about what the idea was. A lot of people seemed to understand what it was when we re-phrased it to sticker book or storybook. We were told that the age range was too low as its hard to imagine a 10 year old telling the app its thoughts on the exhibition.  From this we will need to consider the age range more carefully. The poll was also criticised as its too simple.

From the pitch we have decided to change the first timeline idea to a sticker book idea as it sounds better and makes more sense. Now we will be dropping the poll idea and thinking of something more fun and interactive than a poll.

Group first ideas

Today we had our first group meeting, in the meeting we discussed first ideas. From the meeting we decided that shauns idea of a timeline would be good and laurence’s idea of a poll.

The timeline would be a series of ‘moments’ from the exhibition that would be displayed as a timeline. This can then be viewed again and again as a reminder of the experience. The poll would be a series of questions about the exhibition and the users experience so the results can be collated and compared with other people who have visited the exhibition, the user can then share their results on social media.

Now we are going to work individually to create designs ready for the presentations. I have been designated to design the poll app with Hayley.

First Ideas

This is my mood board of my first idea. It is a photo app that the user can use to ‘become’ a character from the magna carter. It is similar to an app called ‘face in hole’ which uses the users face to add someone else’s body.

I think that this idea would be quite fun for children and young teenagers. As well as silly fun, the app would display information about the character that they have chosen, so it is educational as well.