Mini Portfolio Projects

This is another kinetic typography animation I created as I couldn’t listen handle listening to the gravity sound track another time. This is a sound clip from the spoken word ‘I will not let an exam result decide my fate’
I chose to use more colour that I did in my last attempt as I thought that a white back ground with a gradient was quite boring.


This is a 3D version of my logo I used for my website, I converted my .png image into an .svg and imported it into Blender. I took a long time to decide on which material would be best for my logo. I decided that glass looked good with the coloured lights I have put into the scene as the colours came through my logo in different places as my logo rotated. I am happy with how this animation has turned out. I am may continue editing this animation in the future to explore different textures and backgrounds.

Alphabet Photography Update

So far in this mini project I have managed to create my first name. We gathered these photos from the beach as we thought that there would be less man made letters to find which I thought would make for more interesting photos. I have just used Photoshop to put these photos together and just changed lighting and contrast to make the images more similar.

I have used what I have learnt in todays workshop to create a graphic of my name

I used extrude to make the text 3D and then used planes to create coloured lighting, I am happy with how my first attempt has come out.

Todays workshop

In todays workshop we have been using Blender to create some 3D text, I have decided to just use BU for my first time using the software so it’s not too complicated. I am going to be using lighting and reflections and colours to make it look better.

This is Lye’s first direct film, which combines popular Cuban dance music with hand-painted abstract designs, amazed cinema audiences. Colour was still a novelty, and Lye’s direct painting on celluloid creates exceptionally vibrant effects. The film won several major awards, though some festivals had to invent a special category for it, and in Venice, the Fascists disrupted screenings because they saw the film as ‘degenerate’ modern art.