Website Update

I have read through my feedback and am happy with it, i am going to change where my ‘About / Contact’ is located on my site, to the top of the page and make the font darker ready for March to have it re-marked.


Where I am at the moment



I have created a new header logo but i am still undecided on the border radius for my icons, although i think i may leave them at 10px for now. I have re designed the icons images and added new icons for my blog and linked in pages. I created these using illustrator. Once i made them i had another fiddle around with my logo and decided on this new one as i like it being colourful. I now feel as though my site is lacking something but i cant work it out, so i’ve decided that maybe it’s the background.





I have used the shapes i used with my logo to create a background for now, i changed the opacity to 10% and at the moment i’m quite happy with it, although im not sure it fits with my website or if its too distracting. I’m going to look back at it later and make my decision then. At the moment i think the background takes away from the small links and interactivity i have implemented within my site, which may not be such a good idea.


logo designs in process

I am currently working on a logo to sit as my header on my website, but at the moment i cant think of a good one and i keep changing small parts of the previous attempt, but each time i keep seeing something i dont like, and i may come back to the design of the logo later on in the project.

Tweaking of my final idea

Now that i have completed the functionality of my website so that it works how i want it, i’m playing around with the design more now, starting with the shape of the icons that display my work so far. Once i have chosen the shape i am going to then redesign the images to look more minimalist and then i’m going to look at whether i’ll be using greyscale with full colour roll over.


I started with square images but i experimented with some of the css and started to like some of the shapes i could create and now i’m in the process of deciding between circles or rounded corners.


Once i have made the shape and images the way i want them i am going to work on a background, i am thinking of just adding some noise into the background using photoshop. Although i like that the white background makes it look clean, but i am worried it may look boring.